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Glad To Be Home: Part 2

What I've Missed About the UK ...


Now that I'm back in my native homeland, I've been considering the merits of good old Blighty compared with Oz and I've put together 10 Feel Good Factors About Living in the UK. Apologies, of course, to any Aussies who read this, it's nothing personal ...

my beautiful garden back in the UK was something that I dearly missed

my beautiful garden back in the UK was something that I dearly missed

There are so many comparisons we can make between the United Kingdom and Australia and many people believe that Oz is just the UK but down under. It's not quite what you think.

  1. Beautiful scenery: Lake District, Scotland, Wales, Cotswolds and many places more that I haven't explored yet. In the area that we lived in Oz, we found the countryside and coastline rather bland.
  2. Warm centrally heated and double-glazed windows in houses here, Aussie houses can get cold in winter as they do not have these things.
  3. British brands in Oz were expensive, so we missed our PG Tips, Bisto, Hellmans mayonnaise and Batchelors Mushy peas.
  4. Our supermarkets, especially Asda, are far cheaper than supermarkets in Adelaide and they seemed to play silly games there. A packet of crisps could be $1.49 one week $3.50 the next, then back to down to $1.89.Petrol was the same, one price for a couple of days and a price hike the next! Clothes were expensive and of poor quality - unless I was desperate, I used to shop on-line.
  5. Pubs and pub grub! Places exist, but not as we know them and country pubs would shut their kitchens at eight o'clock.
  6. We missed traditional fish and chips and Chicken Tikka Massala! Chips were more like frites and fish not crispily battered. Indian restaurants were few and far between, were expensive and had no atmosphere.
  7. Had difficulty using kilogrammes and kilometres after using pounds and ounces for sixty years!
  8. Expensive air travel and holiday resorts. For the price you paid to fly to Cairns for a four day holiday, you could have had a fortnight's all inclusive in Cyprus or Spain. On our way back here, single one way was very expensive $1,500 compared with Webjet's £970 for a return ticket!
  9. In the UK medical care and ambulances are free, with state pensions and fuel allowance. In Oz we had to buy into Medicare, buy ambulance cover and put down a bond in case we fell on hard times. No reciprocal treatment once a resident there.
  10. No High Street shopping, all boring shopping malls. I don't know how many times I've been to M&S, Next, Matalan etc since I've been here!

There is a number eleven, which I have to say is great, as I've been fed up slobbing around in leisure wear for the past few years. I love to dress up! I love to wear a frock, heeled shoes, makeup and have my hair and nails done.

Once the exchange rate rocketed, I couldn't afford it and since some Aussies visit their local supermarket in their pyjamas and dressing gowns after doing the school run, it didn't seem to matter somehow!

I've noticed though that since our arrival here, the exchange rate has crept up a little in our favour, I hope that doesn't mean I'll be a Ping Pong Pom!

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Since arriving back in the U.K I have enjoyed meeting lots of people at the Author Talks and book signing events that I have been invited to. It has been great connecting with my roots again and listening to other people's stories whilst I have been doing research for my next book.

A big thank you to all the readers who have posted Amazon reviews after they have finished one of my books.


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