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My husband and I first emigrated to Australia in 2008. Our daughter and our grandchild had moved there to be with our son in law, so with heart ruling our heads, we applied for a visa, sold our house and went ...

When we first moved to australia, these ping pong poms lived like millionaires!

When we first moved to australia, these ping pong poms lived like millionaires!

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We lived in a smart house near the sea, bought a new car, had a nice cruise to Fiji, enjoyed the sunshine and the relaxed way of life. It wasn't until the financial crisis began to bite, which made the pound weak against the Australian dollar, that we found that 40% of our income had disappeared within a matter of weeks!

"We began to question why we were there!"

It really was disappointing having to count every penny of our income when retired and not being able to enjoy the lifestyle. It was not what we'd envisaged for our golden years.

Initially, we thought it was just a blip - but it wasn't - and when we were having to check our weekly outgoings, we wondered why we were bothering. Our daughter was so busy with her job and didn't live very close to us, and we didn't get to see our little grandchild very often at all.

Suddenly we pined for green fields instead of brown grass in the summer, babbling brooks instead of dried up creeks, central heating instead of air conditioning and of course cheap food at Aldi and Lidl, because where we lived there was none.

Feeling bored, because there are only so many times you can walk up and down the esplanade and sit on the beach when you've already got your suntan, I decided to write my Aussie book Ping Pong Poms.

"I based my story on the people and situations that I encountered whilst being there!"

It cured my boredom, and in no time at all, I had finished it. As a footnote on the word 'pom', it appears that the Australian people like to call us Poms, the wording dating back to the emigration ships from Great Britain. Those who could afford a cabin, instead of steerage, where called 'People of Means' and another version is from the convicts that were sent there as 'Prisoner of her Majesty'.

So we decided to travel back to England, stay in a hotel or with friends and see how we felt about leaving our new life in Australia behind. As you can imagine we didn't want to leave our grandchild and also there was now another grandchild on the way.

It was a difficult decision; a wrench leaving our loved ones, but we decided to move back again to our homeland and give it another go.

In 2015, living in a house on a road called Riverside, our home was devastated when the River Irwell broke its banks. It was a traumatic time for the residents of all 39 houses, and after nine months of living with the constant fear that it might happen again, we decided to cut our losses and move back to Adelaide.

We missed our daughter and the grandchildren, and we didn't like suffering the English winters. With hindsight, we should have moved to a house on a hill and escaped to a warmer climate in Europe for regular holidays.

"Because here we are back again in England
just one year later!"

We have a lovely home (not near a river this time) with a view over to Winter Hill and our holidays are being taken in the sunshine. We miss the family, but there is always Skype and email to keep in contact, and as we still have our residency we could always ping across again.

So I hope you will take the opportunity to read about the life of those who live in the land of milk and honey, who have settled well and wouldn't dream of uprooting themselves again.

"Not all are Ping Pong Poms as we were!"

If you would like to read any of my stories, visit my author page on Amazon to download the Kindle editions or click here to go to my online shop and order a paperback.

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More about Vivienne Dockerty ...

Since arriving back in the U.K I have enjoyed meeting lots of people at the Author Talks and book signing events that I have been invited to. It has been great connecting with my roots again and listening to other people's stories whilst I have been doing research for my next book.

A big thank you to all the readers who have posted Amazon reviews after they have finished one of my books.


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