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The final Dockerty saga ...


Innocence Lost is the final book in the Dockerty saga. It is the story of my own life, from childhood to my teenage years, which tells of the effect that a stricken soldier returning from the horrors of war can have on a sensitive middle child ...

Being brought up in a very strict, tense environment didn't bode well for me, especially as I was so inclined to be rebellious. If you've read Shattered Dreams, then you'll understand what my father went through during World War II and how it broke him.

My favourite times were when I could escape from my restrictive surroundings and roam around in the beautiful Wirral countryside. It sounds idyllic, but it was not without its dangers, especially as it was possible that a bogeyman could be lurking behind each and every tree.

My mother was a naïve, trusting soul and listened in disbelief when I told her that on a visit to my uncle's house, he had interfered with me. In those days, uncles didn't do that sort of thing and she chose to think that it was a made-up tale, even though she did go around to his home to ask him.

"So I didn't bother telling her when I was raped in a park on my way home from school, as she would never have believed me!"

In those days - the late 50's - it wasn't 'the done thing' to report these incidents to the authorities. British traditions such as a stiff upper lip, grin and bear it and think of England were all the order of the day, even if your grammar school teacher was a lesbian and had a penchant for touching teenage girls in personal places.

As I grew older and moved into the job market, I found that male employers demanded sexual favours if you wanted to keep your job.

"It really was a different time!"

So my final book in the Dockerty saga is not an easy one. It's not without its dramas, though happily, my life got turned around when I met my knight in shining armour, who rescued me from those traumatic years.

If you'd like to read any of my books, visit my webshop. My books are all available in paperback.

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More about Vivienne Dockerty ...

Since arriving back in the U.K I have enjoyed meeting lots of people at the Author Talks and book signing events that I have been invited to. It has been great connecting with my roots again and listening to other people's stories whilst I have been doing research for my next book.

A big thank you to all the readers who have posted Amazon reviews after they have finished one of my books.


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