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About My Book: Dreams Can Come True

The second book in my trilogy about Maggie ...


Part one of the trilogy, 'A Woman Undefeated' saw Maggie leaving Ireland to start a new life married to her childhood friend Jack. In the second book, the rags to riches story continues and there are a few new characters in Maggie's life ...

There is Hannah, Maggie's step-daughter, the result of a liaison from her errant husband Jack. Hannah dreams of marrying a man from the local gentry, whilst Eddie, a lowly pot man, dreams of Hannah becoming his wife.

"Jack plans a trip back to their homeland and hopes it might take Hannah's mind off this handsome rake of a man!"

Twenty years have passed since Maggie and Jack left behind the hunger and poverty in Ireland and you can imagine the effort involved in getting back to the Emerald Isle. There were no planes or Seacats in 1867, just a packet ship and a comfortable hotel in Dublin to get over the seasickness.

Once in the Irish countryside, after having hired the services of Keva their driver (who is an Irish dissident) and a horse called Rebel to pull their carriage, they are stopped by British soldiers who are looking for terrorists smuggling guns.

After a fraught confrontation with the authorities, they continue on with their journey and are set upon by a gang belonging to the Irish Brotherhood. With all their worldly possessions stolen and no money left to finance the trip, the family are left to fend for themselves.

"Will they survive their experiences?"

Part two of Maggie's story, Dreams Can Come True, is a gripping tale of her courage and fortitude as she endeavours to get her family back to England, the country she now calls home.

If you'd like to read it, then visit my Amazon author page. My books are available in both printed and Kindle format.

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More about Vivienne Dockerty ...

Since arriving back in the U.K I have enjoyed meeting lots of people at the Author Talks and book signing events that I have been invited to. It has been great connecting with my roots again and listening to other people's stories whilst I have been doing research for my next book.

A big thank you to all the readers who have posted Amazon reviews after they have finished one of my books.


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