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Be careful what you wish for ...


I am sure that there are a lot of deceitful men in this world. In fact, I've met a few of them, but the man in my story appeared out of the blue when I was thinking about my characters in the book I was writing ...

I've met many a deceitful man. Ada should have been more careful in what she wished for!

I've met many a deceitful man. Ada should have been more careful in what she wished for!

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At the time, I was sitting in my study upstairs, in our house that had been flooded on Boxing Day 2015 when the local river broke its banks. Everything downstairs had been ruined as the waters rose.

Whilst our house was being renovated, I decided to write a story that had been on my mind for many years. My main character was called Ada, a thirty-something ward sister who was nursing just after the first World War.

She had hoped one day to marry and have children but with the lack of eligible men around, she concentrated on her career. Then along came Daniel McAuley, a patient on the Men's Surgical Ward at Blackburn Infirmary and just the man that Ada has been waiting for, although she's unaware he has a hidden past.

After leaving Ireland because of the constraints of a marriage that was forced upon him and the fear of reprisals after having been a member of a dissident group, Daniel starts working at a Blackburn brewery and fills the gap in Ada's loveless life.

As their years together unfolded and Ada began to learn the truth, it took all her strength and conviction for their relationship to carry on. It's a gripping tale with enough twists and turns to keep the reader enthralled.

"Would you like to know more?"

If you would like to read A Deceitful Man, visit my author page on Amazon to download the Kindle edition or click here to go to my online shop and order a paperback.

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Since arriving back in the U.K I have enjoyed meeting lots of people at the Author Talks and book signing events that I have been invited to. It has been great connecting with my roots again and listening to other people's stories whilst I have been doing research for my next book.

A big thank you to all the readers who have posted Amazon reviews after they have finished one of my books.


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